Abby Walsh!
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby!
Gaming Parentage Adeleine.
Age 14.
Pet(s) Do paintings count?
Alignment I think I count as a protagonist!... Even if I do have to act as a boss once or twice.
Roommate Daydream. She can be a little... Grouchy sometimes, but I like her just fine!
Victorious Moments I think that getting my paintings just perfect is great... Not that they even last a second before they jump off the canvas...
Knock Out! Moments Sometimes I forget how things look, but I'm in the middle of painting it, and then it ends up all weird and pixely... IT'S EMBARRASSING, OKAY?
Favored School Subject Art! What else? Oh, yeah, and Game History is really interesting to me.
Least Favored School Subject Advanced Magic Use... It's weird and creepy, okay?
Allies Well, I want to get along better with Daydream, but she thinks I'm annoying.
Nemeses ... The fairy doesn't like me. She's always threatening me.
Favorite Food Apples! I love apples!
Favorite Beverage ... Uh... Sodas?


Abby is an artistic soul who just wants to get along with everyone. She is fairly sweet and kind, but she's no pushover. She does take some requests from people, but if you try to get her to paint something dangerous or perverted or something, she'll snap and slap you with her paintbrush, probably getting paint on your face. 



Abigail is an only child, who lives with her mother.


She's pretty easy to get along with, so you could probably just ask.


She has a slight crush on Daydream.


Although she didn't have a pet for quite a while, Abby eventually got bored, and painted one up. What did she choose? A dog? A cat? A bird? Nope! She made what she once jokingly called 'Light Matter'. Basically, a flower-shaped, multi-coloured, one-eyed blob, strongly resembling a mix between Para Matter and one of the flowers from Sectonia's flower form. Most of the time Abby merely refers to this thing as 'Paint' or 'Painty'.





  • Abby's last name means "foreigner".
  • Abigail's favorite food is a joke coming from one cutscence from the Crystal Shards, named Desert Desserts, being the one where Kirby starts hallucinating in hunger, and sees his friends as food. Adeleine's head is seen as an apple, and in the next scene, she is seen painting an apple at the little picnic they're having.
  • HP-wise, Abby is probably one of the weakest students at GH. Some of her paintings can last longer than she can.
  • She has a fondness for minigames. Sure, while they're often near-useless and take up space that could be taken up by the main game, there's just some charm in them for her, and she's pretty good at playing them.
  • She's about 4'8''. Short? Yes, but she definitely isn't the shortest around.

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