Quotation1 I don't love him..I just like him..AS A FRIEND! Quotation2
Abigail to Kami

  Abigail Samantha Cage is the second child of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade,She is also the younger sister of Cassie Cage. Abigail was Model and a Teen Actress

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Abigail was a mean-talker meaning she easily hurt people's feeling by her words, she is also cold towards to Finn But deep inside she is caring and calm one.

Appearance Edit

Abby's hair was a blonde pigtails simmilar to Osana Najimi, a grey eyes and a pale eyes.

Interests Edit

Acting- Abby has a passion on her acting career, it boost her self confident..

Musics- She loved to listen music, she likes pop rock..



After Johnny and Sonya got divorce,she got pregnant with thier second daughter but she told Johnny for this(In the quarreling way).When she's born Sonya gave Abigail to Johnny and raised her with him..Like Cassie,she got kidnapped by the Black Dragon,Unfortunattely,she doesnt trained that time..But saved after that she's been trained both of her parents.


Abby has a childhood friend named Miranda Briggs who always accompany her at school, she had also a good friendship with Rinchi Yamada and Tiffy Burnside.


Abby owned a Pomeranian she named it Sherlock even it's a girl!


She hates obessive person!


She has crush on Finn Stryker She is acting mean to him but deep inside she's so in love.


  • Abigail is a Tsundere. 
  • In Yandere Simulator AU,she is the Osana Najimi , one of the rival.