Quotation1 I'd take it upon you to not mess with my family Quotation2
Abby to anyone who dares cheek her father
Abby Marston
Gaming Series of Origins Red Dead Redemption
Gaming Parentage John Marston
Age 14
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate *open for roomate*
Victorious Moments I'm fine with the outdoors. I also am quite popular without sounding vain.
Knock Out! Moments I'm from America, I have a southern accent and everyone takes the mickey out of it.
Favored School Subject I adore Gym
Least Favored School Subject Maths. Bleurghh
Allies Unknown
Nemeses Unknown
Favorite Food I like wild fetherfew raw.

Abby Marston is the daughter of John Marston from Red Dead Redemption.


Abby is a super energetic and kind girl who's very social and flirts a lot. She has had many crushes on boys and she is also a popular girl who's up-to-date on the latest trends, whether it's music, fashion, or websites!


Abby has dirty blonde hair which is up to her shoulders. She has blue eyes and tanned skin. Her lips are usually black. She embraces a few war scars.







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